A developmentally appropriate curriculum focuses on nurturing the whole child; social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.  Using thoughtful observations of every child, learning experiences are developed by the teachers to meet every child's developmental needs and interests.  Our curriculum balances emergent and child-initiated approaches to learning.  Our goal is to create classroom environments in which children feel free to explore the materials, use them for experimentation, and discover ways to solve problems and create.  These learning opportunities are facilitated by teachers through planned learning experiences, selection from a wide variety of interesting materials, and interactions that lead to higher order thinking.

   Our curriculum reflects the CT Early Learning and Development Standards across eight domains of development.  Additionally, we teach our children to be kind, safe, and responsible citizens of society where they will learn a foundation of making good choices.  We support the development of essential dispositions for learning, problem solving, and academic progress. Our teachers are committed to providing learning experiences that will support each child in developing necessary skills that will ensure success in Kindergarten and beyond. 


Child Outcomes and Goals​

Our primary goal is to provide holistic meaningful learning for all children.  

  • We strive to foster critical thinking skills. Providing children with the opportunities needed to learn to organize information, understand concepts, and develop higher order thinking skills
  • We provide and environment that focuses on the development of emotional recognition, understanding, and regulation. Encouraging children to develop flexibility needed to adapt to new situations. 
  • We encourage children to develop strong social skills by providing opportunities for children to interact with adults and peers and work cooperatively in learning experiences. 
  • We encourage creativity through open-ended play-based learning .  We strive to provide an environment where creative expression, exploration, experimentation, and the process of learning are supported so that creative problem-solving and higher order thinking can take place.